Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Ten Thoughts This Thursday

1.  I wish...laundry would magically get put away on its own.

 2.  I decorate my mantel for fall (but waiting until after Labor Day.)

3.  I think...Bachelor Pad is the one of the worst shows ever.

4.  I'm downloading...the playlist heard in Gilly Hicks--cool songs.

5.  I appreciate...the delicious eggs our chickens provide us.

6.  I enjoy...vanilla scented candles.

7.  I recently purchased...2 new OPI colors from their fall line.

8.  I feel...excited about the upcoming long weekend.

9.  I recommend...putting a half teaspoon of cinnamon in chocolate chip cookie dough.

10.  I hope...that our cat, Toby, doesn't have a hyperthyroid condition.

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