Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lampshade Updo

The post previous to this one is about this metal lampshade I found for six bucks at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

The first thing I had to decide on was what color spray paint to use.  As fun as it would be to go for something fun and bright, I decided on a muted color by Krylon called "Celery."  I also needed something to cover the brass so I found a brown hammered paint I had in the cupboard.

As much as I liked the simplicity of the lamp, I thought it would be fun to spice it up with some homemade glass "tassels" to be hung from the base of the shade.  I was thinking something like what you might find hanging from a chandelier...but slightly different.

After visiting good ol' Hobby Lobby, I came home with some glass beads (which were all 50% off and totaled $15.00.)  Because I didn't have the tools or know-how of making the "tassels" I drove down to the nearby Bead Shoppe where an employee led me to the necessary crimp beads, wires, hooks, and tools to use.

She also gave me a copy of some directions I found useful.  Instead of taking step-by-step pictures for you, I took a picture of the directions.  Genius....and easier!

Here they are, my completed tassels.  I made a total of 8, four shorter ones with a larger bead at the bottom and four longer ones with a shorter bead at the bottom.

Here's a close-up of the earring clasp.

Before spray painting the shade, my husband drilled 8 small holes along the base of the shade so that the tassels could be hung.

And after a couple of coats of spray paint, it was finished!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lookie Here...

This week, while the kiddos are with the grandparents, I am getting to do things that *I* want to do.  Today, I dropped by the Habitat for Humanity Restore to take a quick browse around.

I didn't leave empty-handed either.

This metal lamp caught my attention and for the price, I couldn't leave without it.

Don't you just love this unique light bulb?

and for the price...

This lamp is perfect because it's going to go outside and the metal shade will withstand all kinds of weather.  Of course we'll need to get some new chain and a can of spray paint.  Spray paint!  What color???  So many possibilities.

The lamp will be hung above this table out on our deck (and yes, that is a disco ball in the upper left corner.  We hung it for the 40th birthday celebration and just haven't taken it down yet.)

Stay tuned for the re-do....