Sunday, November 24, 2013

Simple Place Cards

Table is decorated and votives are made.  Next up, place cards.

These place cards were just about the easiest and quickest things I've made in a while.  Yesterday at Michael's while I was getting things for the votives, I grabbed some miniature clothespins for $2.00.

At home, I pulled out my box of old buttons and a glue gun.  While the glue gun was warming up I created some place cards on Microsoft Word.

While the place cards were printing I hot glued one of the ends to each button.  I left one unglued so that I could slightly press and open the clothespin.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Table Votives

Let it be known that I haven't forgotten about my dear ol' blog.  It's been since September 9th that I've put up a post.  Whoa!  With working, two kids in sports, and everything else, I rarely have time to devote to completing projects.  

However, now that I am rolling into Thanksgiving vacation I actually have some free time.  My husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year.  There will be a total of 10 of us.  We usually travel on Thanksgiving so I am one, looking forward to not being on the road and two, getting the table decorated for our guests.

I thought it would be nice to have a votive at each person's place setting.  I had pictured small glass votive holders covered partially with glitter.

I found the materials today at Michael's.  

Let's start with the votives, that come in a package of 16, for $8.99 (but I used my app coupon and got them for 50% off...only $4.50.)

I also picked up some glitter for $2.99.

Then I gathered my materials.

I decided that with 10 votives, I would create 5 different designs....two of each.  I simply taped off the votive, brushed on the glue, and sprinkled the glitter.

Here's what they looked like once I peeled off the tape.

Yes...they are on the mantel because I don't have my table decorations set up yet....