Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy as a Bee

Yikes...I was afraid to see when my last post was.  March 10th?  Seriously....over 2 months ago?!  

I am working my last few weeks until summer vacation.  My third graders have blossomed all year long and have developed into incoming 4th graders.  So proud.

My personal life is screaming "Tiiiiiime Offfffff" and it can't come soon enough.

Not sure I'll have time for any posts in the next few weeks, but I know what my next project is.

Bunk Beds!

My daughter has recently entered into the world of American Girl Dolls.  This month she received a second doll for her birthday and I thought these bunk beds would be perfect to make for them...with the help of my husband, of course.

Stay tuned!