Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween "Eek" Wreath

Who knows where I am going to keep yet another wreath when November rolls around, but I made one.  I couldn't resist.

After perusing Pinterest, amazingly I didn't come across one that inspired me....not to say there aren't a ton of super wreaths out there.

My solution was to go to Hobby Lobby and figure it out spontaneously.  Here is what I came home with:

This (compacted) cardboard spider, which is what I built the rest of the wreath around.  I imagined it all glittered up.

 In addition to the spider, I picked up a foam wreath, some wooden letters, black ribbon, tule, and silver pom poms

I wrapped the green foam wreath with the black ribbon so it was completely covered up and completely black.  Then I covered the spider with an orange glitter....and I also covered the wooden letters with purple glitter.  Next, I cut the tulle into 2" strips, folded it in half, and tied a knot at the bottom.

After I had a bunch of tule knots, I glued them onto the wreath and added some silver pom poms here and there.  At the base of the wreath I glued the letters to spell "EEK."

And this wreath is being hung above the mantel on our big mirror.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fresh Fall Wreath

Although it's not officially fall yet, it was time to retire my spring wreath.

See why?

Once upon a time it looked like this (and you can read about that project, here.)  With the intense afternoon sun, the green moss has faded into a dull, dirty, green color. 

Last fall I made this wreath.  I was in a total felt kick then.

I did like the yarn I used because it was textured and easier to wrap because I didn't have to be so careful...I could overlap and it didn't matter.  I decided that a textured yarn was the way to go again.

Last night I ran to Hobby Lobby and came home with the following items:

Chocolate colored yarn

 miniature pumpkins, squash, and acorns

3 fall berry bunches (barely used but one)

fall colored leaves

After wrapping and wrapping and wrapping the yarn, I carefully arranged and hot glued the fall goodies I had purchased. 

The only thing I may go back and fix are the squash.  The white-ish circles on the bottom bugs me, and I think they need to be painted.