Monday, September 5, 2011

Felt Owls

Owls seem to be the current trend.  They're all around.  I have grown to like them as they have a lot of character.  A while back I posted about 3 owls I had found in thrift stores and revamped with a bit of spray paint.  In my recent visits to other blogs I have come across felt owls that look easy enough to make...and don't require spray paint.  I decided that it was time I put down the spray paint can and pick up a needle and thread.  I went to Joann's to pick up all of my materials.

The first step was to create some patterns.  I have owls pinned on my Pinterest board that I went back and studied.  I took some ideas from them and created my own owl.

For this owl I used dark brown, olive green, off-white, and yellow felt.  I used my pattern pieces and traced them on the felt.  When all the pieces were cut out I hot glued most them into place.  I had to wait on the wings though and stitch them first.

Then, using a large needle and the embroidery thread, I added the detail around some parts of the owl.  I also added 2 buttons for eyes.  When the owl was almost stitched up I put the stuffing inside.

The finished product.  I plan to incorporate him with the fall decorations that are soon to be up on the mantle.  

Cost Breakdown
3 felt squares (@ 35¢ each) = $1.05
embroidery tread = 30¢
stuffing = $3.50
buttons = free (I had them on hand)

Total Cost = $4.85 + tax

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