Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can I Get a Hoot, Hoot?

Left owl = $5.00 Right owl = 50¢

A while back I found a ceramic owl at Goodwill and spray painted it white.  Loved the way it looked after a few coats!  I only paid $1.99 for it so I considered it a super deal.  I decided I wanted 2 more to place on the shelf in the laundry room.  A perfect trio.  Today I sealed the deal.  My first stop was at the Hospice Thrift Store.  I had a couple of bags of clothes to donate so I whipped into the parking lot at the back of the store.  While waiting for my receipt, I spied the eyes of an owl on a shelf of items to be priced and placed on the shelves in the store.  I asked how much it was and the woman said she needed to run to the front of the store to find out.  She quickly returned with the owl and a bright green sticker marked 50¢.  Holy cow, what a steal!  I poured a couple of quarters in her hand and I was outta there.  Next stop, Antique Trove.  The reason we were going there was so that Nolan could find an "oldie" (that's what he calls an old die cast car.)  I knew there had to be an owl in that huge store somewhere--the only thing was that now we were in an antique store and not a *thrift* store so the prices would be higher.  I stumbled across a few, but all above $12.00 and after just paying 50¢, I just couldn't go there.  I kept looking and lo and behold I found one for $5.00 (more than I had paid for the other two, but not a bad price.)  My owl trio is complete-not sure they'll stay in the laundry room, but that's where they'll perch for now.

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  1. Emily, It's looking great! You are a natural at putting this together. Don't worry about us followers - we will like whatever you post whenever you post! (wink)