Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Last weekend I had some time to hit up some thrift stores.  I found a few things I couldn't resist.

My first stop was the American Cancer Society Store and boy was I excited to find these! 

Of course, they won't stay brassy.  I will spray paint them Heirloom White.  They were $10.00 each, which seemed a bit pricey for a thrift store, but they were in such good condition, I couldn't leave without them.  Plus, the crystals are glass, not plastic.

Next, I headed over to the Hospice Thrift Store where my eye caught this mirror for 99¢.  Score!

The wicker is in great shape.  I'm going to tuck this away because I don't have a need for it right now.

I also found this wooden flag.  It was only $2.00 so if I don't end up painting and using it, it's not a huge loss.  I will probably paint it though and hang it out by the front door around Memorial Day and 4th of July.

My last stop was Goodwill.  I found this Pottery Barn hanging frame for $4.99.  It's brand new and in excellent shape.  It can be hung horizontally or vertically.  I don't have a need for it right now so I will tuck this one away too.  I will spray paint it and either dye the ribbon or replace it with another color.  I do know it won't stay white.

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