Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paso Robles Winecation

Yep, you read the title right.  I created my own word:  Winecation.  Mark and I spent a few days down in Paso Robles while the grandparents had the kids so we could celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  The weather was fantastic, warm during the day and cool at night.  For three days we tasted wine, enjoyed the calm surroundings, and devoured tasty meals. 

Some of the wineries we hit up.
Overall, the wine tasting was a fun experience.  However, my only complaint is that some wineries don't waive the tasting fee (generally $10.00) even after you purchase a bottle of their wine.  Oh, and the wine seemed pricey too...$28.00 to $42.00 with most being $36+. We purchased mostly reds because we had a hard time putting down that much money for a white wine.

The highlight of one of the days was our drive up to Calcareous Winery.  It is considered one of the "Far Out" wineries because it's off the beaten path.  The drive up there was beautiful and it gave me a chance to play around with our new camera.
And once we got there....amazing view.  We planned ahead and packed a picnic lunch.  We purchased a glass of wine from the winery and had a very relaxing meal.

Because eventually our taste buds tired of wine, we took a drive down to San Luis Obispo where we strolled downtown, enjoyed a beer (ahhhhh), and got caught in the Thursday Farmer's Market.

Adding a piece of gum to the Gum Wall.

Mark was in heaven with all the meat on the grills up and down the street.

So many flower booths.

Berries, berries, and more berries

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