Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Day Another Color

I think I better consider owning stock in Rustoleum spray paint--it's become my best friend in the last six months.  Honestly, I wish more people knew the power of spray paint.  It's powerful people,!  Are you curious what I've painted this time around?  I won't keep you guessing:  Our patio table (a-gain.)  Not long ago we painted our once forest green table blue, which you can read about here.   We liked the blue and the way it brightened up the space, however the newly designed left side of our deck definitely wasn't gelling with the right side of the deck.  The left side now had a rustic feel to it and the right side of our deck had a more of a...well, primary feel to it.  Here is the product I used:

               The green table...a true before picture.

The after picture, well the 1st after picture.

And (hopefully) our last after picture for a while.  

And just as a teaser, I am working on repainting this table (again) and will post more on that later.

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