Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye Boring Door

Woo hoo...first post of the New Year.  Since being on vacation, there have been some to-do projects that have been stirring in my head.  My limited time is what has kept me away from a handful of them.  However, there was one project that was completed in a matter of a couple of hours:  Painting the interior of our front door.

What got this project rolling was that our existing door handle wasn't working very well.  Here's a picture of what we had.  The top part was electronic.  There was a keypad outside so that I could go out walking or running and have the door lock/unlock without having to carry my keys.  It was originally brass, but I spray painted it last year...which looked fine, until the paint started chipping/rubbing off.

Here's a corner shot before painting the door and changing the knob. (If you're wondering what that black thing is at the top of the door, it's the back of a hook that's holding a wreath on the front of the door.)

We chose this door handle set at Home Depot (not the greatest picture, hard not to get a glare.)

I found the perfect paint color, Espresso Bean, made by Behr.  It's a super deep rich brown.  I used three coats (using a mini roller) and it covered the white paint beautifully.  I am in love with the finished product.  In fact, it's one of those, "Why didn't I do that earlier?"  projects.

The finished product...

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