Thursday, July 26, 2012

What a Bargain!

About 99% of this blog has to do with home decor and crafts.  Today I am going to branch out to the lonely 1% and do a post having to do nothing with home decor or crafts, but still involves a bargain.

You've noticed that the name of my blog is Bargain Bound because I love a good bargain.

Have you heard of this store?

I visited the store in my town today and totally scored on some school clothes for my 7 year old daughter.  Now, let me say that with the weather we have here in Roseville (warm summers....actually warm until end of October) makes school-clothes shopping financially reasonable.  In all stores, almost all summer clothing is on some sort of sale, and many on clearance.  I always scoop up what I can find on sale and those clothes can be worn for at least the first 3 months of school.

Today I left with these outfits:

 top = $4.99 shorts = $3.99

dress = $4.99

shirt = $4.99 skirt w/shorts = $7.99

 shirt = $2.99 shorts = $6.99

 shirt = $2.99 skirt w/shorts = $4.99

Drum roll please.....

The total, with tax = $49.24

Hello....all of that for just under fifty bucks?  Now that's what I call a bargain!



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