Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lookie Here...

This week, while the kiddos are with the grandparents, I am getting to do things that *I* want to do.  Today, I dropped by the Habitat for Humanity Restore to take a quick browse around.

I didn't leave empty-handed either.

This metal lamp caught my attention and for the price, I couldn't leave without it.

Don't you just love this unique light bulb?

and for the price...

This lamp is perfect because it's going to go outside and the metal shade will withstand all kinds of weather.  Of course we'll need to get some new chain and a can of spray paint.  Spray paint!  What color???  So many possibilities.

The lamp will be hung above this table out on our deck (and yes, that is a disco ball in the upper left corner.  We hung it for the 40th birthday celebration and just haven't taken it down yet.)

Stay tuned for the re-do....


  1. Hey girly!
    I've nominated you on my blog as a Must See Blog With Under 200 Followers! Feel free to check it out and nominate some blogs of YOUR choosing :)



  2. Found your blog through Dani's Post.
    I am so in love! I am just starting out the art of thrifting and cannot believe I waited so long to try it!

    I am your newest follower, and definitely will be going through your posts for some project ideas!