Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Fall Wreath

I regularly hang a wreath from the mirror above our family room mantel.  I sometimes change it up for holidays.

For quite a while I've had a wreath covered in bright green Spanish moss hanging (sorry, I don't have a picture.)  It's simple.  It's neutral....but, it was time for a change with fall/autumn just around the corner.

I dropped in to Hobby Lobby and purchased this...a bunch of fall stuff.  And can I say that I finally was ready to buy fall merchandise?  I hated going in there the end of June and seeing fall and Christmas stuff.

I started with wrapping the wreath with the burlap.  Then I glued on the 3 flowers.  It was simple and nice, but not complete.  I then started gluing some leaves around the flowers.  Better, but still not enough.  I ended up gluing leaves over the entire front surface of the wreath.  Now complete!

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