Saturday, November 17, 2012

Can you say "Colorful"?

Yikes...I haven't posted anything since October 7th!!

Truth be told, this whole working full-time thing is getting in the way of keeping my blog up to date.  Well, actually....this whole working full-time thing is keeping me from completing projects to add to my blog.

At any rate, I have new visions.  I am on a mission.

I want a non-traditional Christmas mantel this year.  I'm thinking colorful...something along the lines of this:

I envision chartreuse, magenta, turquoise. I told you...colorful!

However, I also want some simplicity to this mantel in the means of ceramic figurines spray painted an heirloom white.  And well, where do you find such things?  Thrift stores, of course.

I started in on my mission today and was able to gather these items:

 All my mantels have to include the Big Man and this one holds a tea light candle.

 These will look adorable painted white and placed on a round mirror with some snow sprinkled around them.

Building a small village

I think I was able to get all of these things for about $18.00.

It's a start.  I still need to find a Christmas tree and maybe a snowman.  I'll keep you posted as I make some progress.

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