Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Painted Cabinets

Okay..another new post using old pictures, before I actually had an official blog.

This time SPRAY painted cabinets.  Yes, you read right.  I spray painted our bathroom cabinets.  Not sure what gave me the idea, but I believe I read about it online and thought, what the heck.  I was on a mission to get rid of some more of the 1980's oak that our home was once full of.  Years ago, I had (slightly) sanded the cabinets and stained them a darker color.  It looked fine, but over the years the stain started to look a little worn.

On to the spray painting...you might think, who in their right mind would spray paint INSIDE the house, right?  Well, me.  

We started by taping off the surrounding area around the cabinets, knowing that spray paint travels in the air.  We also opened doors for fresh air, and windows...all of them.  After taking the cabinet doors off, there really wasn't much to be painted so the job went quickly.  After applying two coats, they were covered perfectly.

The final touch was to change out the hardware and voila...a finished job...and a cheap one, too.




  1. You did a great job! The people who used to live in our house spray-painted their kitchen cabinets and they apparently didn't know about taping off stuff they didn't want painted. :^) Needless to say we've changed the cabinets. I also liked the laundry room makeover.

  2. I bet spray painting them was so much easier than rolling the paint on! Your cabinets look great!

    1. It was easier...however, I had to be careful of the spray everywhere else. I did a lot of taping off.

  3. Love the color...in a spray can??? Do you remember what color and brand it was???

  4. How many cans of spray paint did you use?

  5. I can't remember how many cans...maybe two? All said and done, it needed one more coat and I plan to take off the doors and drawers to add another coat.