Friday, February 3, 2012

Guest Bathroom

I'm bringing back another old project...our guest bathroom.  I love paint and the walls in our guest bathroom have been a handful of colors.  One year, after going to Vegas and staying at Bellagio, we were motivated by the colors of the bathroom there:  blue and brown. 

Our bathroom stayed that color (blue) until about a year ago when I needed a change.  It wasn't only the walls that I wanted to paint, but the cabinets as well.  Our house was built in 1986 so all of the wood was that "eighties oak."  Slowly but surely we have gotten rid of the oak.  Many years ago we painted the bathroom cabinets white, which has held up well.  

Here are a couple of "before" pictures.  You will notice that there is a section of green on the wall where I began painting and some cabinet fronts missing before I realized I needed to take a pic before painting the rest.

I can't remember what motivated me to change the wall color from blue to green, but I had visioned a celery color.  Then one day while I was walking through Home Goods I saw a Poppy canvas print which inspired me to have tangerine as an accent color.  With the green walls and tangerine accents, I thought brown cabinets would be best.  I primed the cabinets and put a few coats of brown the change.  I added new hardware, knobs, faucet, light fixture, medicine cabinet, shower curtain, and towels.  

I present to you...the "after" pictures.


  1. This is soo pretty. What color of green and the brown did you use? I am getting tired of my bathroom color and ready for a change.

  2. Love this........i want to move in xx