Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cheerful "spring-y" Wreath

Last spring I made this wreath.

It was all good until the weather got warmer and the afternoon sun beat on the door day after day...and well, the moss faded.

So this moss.

I love the combination of colors of mustard and turquoise.  It was my inspiration for this year's wreath.  After a trip to Hobby Lobby, this is what I came home with:

I go for this type of wreath as opposed to a styrofoam wreath because I think they are more forgiving when wrapping yarn around them. 

When choosing yarn for this type of project I usually go for something with a bit of texture so that it's easier to wrap--like the wreath, it's more forgiving.  This color is "Robin's Egg."  LOVE!

I also picked up some yellow roses, a couple of sprigs of greenery, and some ribbon.

And so, I wrapped and wrapped the yarn.  Then I cut down the flowers and greenery and glued them into place.  Done!

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