Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Ten Thoughts This Thursday

1.  I wish...I could afford a laser treatment for my eyebrows so I'd never have to tweeze again.

2.  I want...a personal shopper and a whole lotta money.

3.  I think...that Turbo Tax is a great invention.  Sure beats paying $375 for someone else to do my taxes.

4.  I my son's invention.  His latest:  The flopsock (socks that can be worn with flip flops)

5.  I appreciate...the parents in my classroom that volunteer and organize our special events.

6.  I from the 1940's.

7.  I struggle..with getting homemade well-rounded dinners on the table with our busy schedule.

8.  I feel...blessed that my kids go to bed and fall asleep when asked, ages 7.5 and (almost) 11.

9.  I recommend...adding protein into your breakfast in order to keep you fuller, longer.

10. I hope...Pink is as good in concert this time around as she was a few years ago.  Going to see her on Monday night and can.hardly.wait!

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