Monday, March 12, 2012

Laundry Room

This project is about a year old, but hasn't made its way to my blog.  Last year about this time my husband and I were in a fix-it-up mode and painted walls to cabinets in many rooms of our home.  

We used standard paint for our guest bathroom and spray paint for our master bathroom.  Yes, spray paint...and because it was so easy, we decided to try it out in our laundry room.

Here are some "before" pictures.  The wood is the standard 1980's oak.

The laundry room opens up to the garage so we were able to open the door for ventilation...since we were spray painting.  We took the doors off and sprayed those outside, but the framing was done in a matter of minutes.  We didn't really tape off the "seam" between the cabinets and the wall because we were changing the wall color as well.  

After wiping down the cabinets, I sprayed on one coat of white primer to begin with and then used an ivory color made by Rustoleum (2 coats.)  It's really hard to see in the "after" pictures, but you can still slightly see the grain of the wood through the paint, which added a nice effect.  After painting we added new hardware.

Also, my handy husband tiled the counter area.  It looks so much fresher!


  1. Wow you spray painted your cabnits. Now you have me thinking.... They look wonderful! I may have a project on my hands...well my husband and I may have a project on our hands.

    1. Yes, Kelli, we did. It sounds crazy now, but when we were doing it, it seemed fine. It's worth a try and if they don't turn out you could always just throw on a couple coats of regular paint. Good luck!

    2. Hi Kelli...I think we probably went through 3-4 cans of primer and the same for the paint color.

  2. I love how the grain still shows. I have painted my fair share of those oak cabinets, but never tried this method. It may be on the list. How many cans did it take you?

  3. What is the wall paint color called and from what store....I've been wanting to redo my laundry room and I love your paint colors. It would go perfect with our flooring!!! Thanks

  4. What a great job-love the look you created-following from TDC-stop on by for a visit!

  5. I've been searching for YEARS to find a technique to paint over my chipping off painted MDF made cabinets in my kitchen. They are white and I want to go to a dark brown. I've been unsuccessful finding an easy way to do this project.However I found a brochure about new products offered by Kiltz that can be used to primer and then paint over. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!!