Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Ten Thoughts This Thursday
1.  I wish...the strong wind would disappear after making an appearance two days ago.

2.  I get our Christmas tree up!

3.  I think...this might be Nolan's last year believing in Santa. :(

4.  I laugh(ed)...inside my head today while I was on the phone with customer service and the woman kept referring to "cents" as "cent." She said, "Right now you are paying 20 dollars and 74 cent."

5.  I appreciate...having time off from work in order to get together with girlfriends.

6.  I enjoy...listening to Christmas music--"Sleigh Ride" is one of my favs.

7.  I struggle...with being patient with my daughter who used to be so easy-going.  She is now 6 and a half and constantly challenging me.

8.  I feel...pretty healthy right now.

9.  I recommend...simmering something cinnamon-y to make your house smell festive.

10.  I hope...we can get away with our Elf on the Shelf trick tonight.

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