Sunday, October 23, 2011

Felt Flower Pillow

About a month ago I found some great pillows for our couch, which meant I could get rid of some old pillows.  Once I did that, it look bare so I thought I'd try my hand at covering a pillow with some felt flowers.  I had success with my felt flower wreath so I decided to do something similar.

I bought 4 pieces of felt (4 for $1.00) to add to my existing supply of felt and a plain pillow from Walmart for $9.00.  I had looked around other stores for something plain and came up empty handed.  I knew "Wally World" would have simple inexpensive pillows.

My goal was to tie in the colors of our curtain material.
I started by cutting out the felt to make different kinds of flowers.  For the pom pom flowers, I followed the directions from Lines Across My Face--the rest I just free-handed.

It took me a long time to arrange the flowers to get them in a placement I liked.  I ended up not using  some flowers I had initially made and then I had to make some flowers to fill in spaces.  

Not too shabby for a $10.00 project!


  1. Love your pillow! I've been trying to decide how to do a felt flower pillow for my daughter's room. Did you glue or sew them on?

  2. Hi Jennifer--I glue them on with a low temp glue gun.

  3. Beautiful pillow! I love the touch with the buttons.

  4. So Cute !!!!